Friday, May 21, 2010

There Are No Favorites

...It's just that watching Lucy is really funny. She is constantly moving...never predictable and usually 1 step away from a disaster.

I don't mean to take more pictures of's just that I am usually having to keep her from doing something completely crazy and I can usually catch it early if I am aiming my lens at her.

She does NOTHING normal...or peacefully!!!

Even when I look at these several days later..I laugh because this captures her 100%!!!
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  1. I think Lucy is awesome. I have always loved that name, and if this next baby is a girl, she might be a Lucy. - Bridget

  2. Lisa I took a trip down memory lane with your comments about P-cola! Lonestar and many other fun times! Geez that was a lifetime ago!! Miss you


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