Tuesday, May 3, 2016

The Big Picture









Yesterday I cried just about all day.  I was a huge wreck.  It was Sunday.  We were all together.  We had a lot to get done.  I was weeping through most of it.  And I must admit to being like that all weekend.
We  moved into the 3rd of 3 rentals before we depart Sitka June 1.  The last house was probably the worst place I have ever lived in.  Actually...there is no proabably..IT WAS THE WORST PLACE EVER!  Size was not the issue,  It had the right amount of square footage...but the whole place was just SAD!  It made me sad.  It made all of us sad.
I will say that April has been probably the worst month in a long time..for all of us.  My older girls are struggling and their hearts are being hurt by this whole moving situation and I struggle with a hurt heart for them.  Middle school is a hard age...kids not being invited to parties from kids we considered good friends..all of a sudden.  It all hurts.  I did not expect some of this.  So it can knock you down a little...
And you have to go back and look at the big picture.  We came with 8 of us and we will leave with 8 of us.  We have each other.  We have not had much other family for 3 years and we tried to make up for that loss of family with friends..the Coast Guard is a small community that has often felt like family...but this time things have been different and we just need to adjust.
We all do the best we can..that is what I tell myself and my kids.  When they feel heart broken over feeling like their friends have already forgotten them..I try and reassure us both that we all are doing the best we can...
And then I remind myself that I must always try and do my best for them too...

Friday, April 1, 2016

Planning Our Trip











Now that we are 8 weeks away from leaving Sitka Pete and I have begun to plan our trip back east.
We have a shorter time than we would like, but I can kind of get anxious about getting to where we need to be and I have a hard time enjoying the journey.
But I am trying to plan to enjoy this journey.  This will be the first time we have taken a trip like this when I have not been pregnant or have a 1 year old with us.  Our kids are getting older which makes some things more possible.  But plans come with a price tag and that can be a bummer.
I wish I was the "let's just camp" type of girl...but I'm not.  I'm more of a lets find a really good restaurant near a cute hotel type of girl.

We are trying to have some anchors in our trip so we plan around those events.  Guess what my anchor is???

Going to Tolt in Carnation Washington.  Pete wants to fly fish in Bozeman Montana.  And I think we are going t try to get Lucy to celebrate her birthday at the Great Wolf Lodge in Wisconsin.  But the rest we are trying to fill in.  Any cool spots you guys know of?...preferably near a cute yarn store??

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

From The Harbor








A fishing harbor is like a river..it is constantly changing.  The boats come and go, planes drive on by and birds are everywhere....and this is now our backyard...for a few more days.

Lots has happened since the last time I typed words in this space.  And the friend in me wants to pour out every detail...but the REAL friend in me knows I must be brief.

#1.  We sold our house and moved out 2 weeks ago.  It was a crazy ride and I was not sure I was ever going to type those words "we sold the house".  After Pete being gone for 10 weeks and lots of ups and downs with the house sale I kind of feel proud of myself for making it all happen.

 The very last day in our house, when the movers shut the door for the last time and it was just me in the empty house, my face broke into a HUGE unexpected smile.  The feeling of joy and pride was so overwhelming..all I could do was grin.  I may have squealed just a bit too.

We never really wanted to buy a house this time in Alaska.  This is a small town with 9000 people. It can be a risk needing to sell a house on a strict time line.  I kind of worried about it since we bought it....so that grin that day was a long time coming.

#2.  We are not leaving Sitka until June 1.  Which left me with the problem of being homeless after our house closed.  I did the best I could and I was able to rent 3 different fully furnished rentals.  I wish I could have gotten 1 rental for the 3 months, but that was not an option.  Instead, I get to live in 3 different places until we leave.

I packed 1 clothes tote for each child, a tote for myself, a suitcase for Pete, various sports stuff and a ridiculous amount of stuffed animals.  The houses are all furnished so we did not have to worry about household stuff.

Since moving out mid March we have been staying in a really nice "loft" style apartment.  It is roomy and really nice.  For April we have a little yellow house that has 3 bedrooms and a small yard.  I'm looking forward to the yard.  Right now the kids can't really be outside with me since we live on a working fishing dock..very cool...but not a great place for kids to play.

For the month of May my family may want to kill me.  All I could find in May that was not $8000 was a small apartment that says sleeps 6.  I figured Drew and Priscilla are small enough to count as 1 and I could find space for whoever needed it after that.  We will see how that goes.  May begins tourist season in earnest an I could not be picky.  I'm grateful I found that place.  We promised the kids we would let them finish the school year..so we had to stay through May!

#3.  We bought a house in Maryland..and I am very excited to move there.  I will miss Sitka with all of my heart.  And sometimes I can't even think about it...so I won't right now.

I'm here..listening to float planes taking off, sea gulls feasting on herring eggs, and boats drifting by...I know I will miss this, but right now I've got it!

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Love The Person, Not The Personaity










"Love the person, not the personality!"

Those words were spoken by my priest this weekend in his homily.  It was exactly what I needed to hear.  He was talking about a story from long ago when he first became a priest.  There was a change of leadership at a church where the pastor was very dynamic and well loved by his parishioners.  The new pastor was not seen as enthusiastic as the previous priest. The congregation was frustrated and began writing letters trying to convince whoever would listen that the new pastor was not doing a good job.

After awhile the dynamic priest became aware of his former parishes complaint.  He found an excuse to come back one weekend and celebrate mass.  He began mass by apologizing to everybody in the pews..at first people were relieved thinking he was saying sorry he left them.  But he went on, "I'm sorry I failed you all.  You see, I may have built a great, thriving parish but I clearly missed teaching you all to love.  You must love the person, not just the personality."

He went on to explain that we love Christ..therefore must love who is in "persona Christi"...in place of Christ....even if we don't LOVE the personality!

I sat there on Sunday, just having wrapped up a pretty weepy week, stunned.  I have a child that  I was failing to LOVE...and it was exactly for this reason..PERSONALITY !!

My sweet child and I can struggle to get along sometimes and I was thinking all week that I just wished I had the key to fixing it.  I remember thinking that...what am I missing...

LOVE...not performance....not attention...not expectations...not failures....not hurt feelings...not past mistakes..just LOVE.

Simple...not the personality...THE PERSON!!
           ... not the grades produced....The PERSON!
          .... not the conversations we have or don't have....THE PERSON!

Friday, January 29, 2016

Making Home..changing states
















Where to begin...maybe to say I think a change of name on this very neglected blog may be in order...
The Little House That Moves (seems as though the growing part is sadly over).

We are headed back to DC!  We took a 3 year detour from DC when we moved here to Alaska...but we are headed back.

We have decided to move to Maryland this time.  I love Virginia..and I wanted to slip right back to where we left.  But we have found that you NEVER really move back.  Moving forward is tricky when you are moving "back".  We thought we were moving "back" here to Sitka..but time makes going "back" near impossible.

We are excited about where we seem to be ending up.  Leaving here will be a struggle for all of us.  You get very used to 9 miles of road...8000 people and a very very calm way of life.  Simple is an understatement.  Life is nowhere like this in the DC area. We know that!  We are all bracing ourselves for what we know will be a very hard transition.  
But this is how it goes..there is always good with the hard..and hard with the good.

It has been hard to reflect on because for a long time I was in denial that I was going to leave here.  In the midst of struggling with weather and lack of seeing family I knew this place has been good for my kids and they all LOVE it here.  And taking them away from what they LOVE is hard...

But this mama who has been Island bound for a very long time...little sun...no visit's with her mama and a ridiculous amount of difficulty getting my hands on simple essentials like boys boxer briefs without waiting 2 weeks for amazon to deliver is getting VERY excited for what is to come.

And the best part is..I have found a church...a really good church.  Done!

Now we get to enjoy Sitka for 5 more months and I get to know that I loved almost every minute and I will forget the gray skies and rain a soon as we get south.  I always remember the very best of the place you leave..and I will leave a very big part of my heart here!